North Sound Writers


So I’ve been cheating on my blog with another blog… I know it’s a complicated and you might be wondering when will I even find time?!  But I am super excited about it and I wanted to share it with my devoted followers.

My writer’s group has been going through some big changes recently and one of them is officially parting from a different writing group and forming their own. It’s big, and it’s scary but more than that, it’s exciting. North Sound Writers is the official new writers group. We are open to anyone who considers themselves to live in the North Sound. It’s a wide area and we’re hoping that by opening our arms to anyone who wants to write, were able to grow our community and help more people accomplish their end goal – publication. We’re open to all ages and genres of writing. Even if you can’t make our monthly meetings or our co-writes on Thursdays, we encourage new authors and we’re excited to have you.

We have a couple of goals in mind with this new group, one of them is to manage a blog that produces new articles daily from North Sound voices. An article can be about nearly anything as long as it somehow ties back to writing. We’re open to short stories and poetry as well. My first article went up yesterday. I thought if any of you wanted to read it, I’d link it here for you. It’s called Actually Writing, is Half the Battle. As of right now, I’ve agreed to write one a week. I will do my best to overlap them here, keep up on my reading, and editing, and writing, oh and teaching. Cause several days I a week I do that as well!

The other big thing we’re doing is planning a writer’s conference for 2018. It’s still very much in the works, but we’re learning new stuff daily. I’ve been in contact with folks who put on the Las Vagas Writer’s Conference and taking notes feverishly.

North Sound aside, I’ve been furiously working on MoNa. I’m hoping to have the first round of edits done by the end of the month so that I can get her out to Beta readers. I have the next book (something completely new) all planned out in my head, lots of notes written by my writing partner and an outline nearly finished. I can’t wait to start writing 2k every day again. But for now, I am taking pleasure in making the ordinary extraordinary.  Yesterday I was on a roll, cracking myself up — I only hope that flows over to the reader.

Wish me luck! I’ll do my best to keep y’all abreast of the new information.


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