On The Chain Reaction of Choices

Sometimes I think about this idea of how little moments change whole entire lives. How a single decision can make an impact. How a stranger can say something that changes the way we view the world. Changes so grand that we fall in love and build lives. We quit jobs or move to different places. … Continue reading On The Chain Reaction of Choices

On Trama

I don't know how to start this post. I don't know the words I'm looking for. Words are my greatest tool in this life, and yet they still often fail me. I want to talk about trama. Until my last breath, I think I will always feel like a teacher in my heart. Being human … Continue reading On Trama

On Art

Recently I've been refocusing my desire to take photos into editing photos I already have. I've been playing with a new program that has allowed me to create some really fun art. I wanted to share those pieces I was most proud of here.