Veteran’s Voices

Miranda Boyer was a contributing author for VETERANS VOICES: STORIES OF HEROISM, SACRIFICE, AND HONOR published by National Geographic.

You can order your copy today! Follow the link HERE to buy Veteran’s Voices


Veteran’s Voices: Remarkable Stories of Heroism, Sacrifice, and Honor

In the moments when we feel closest to our fellow human beings, there comes a certain comfort, a certain awareness of being connected – a sense of “us.” The mission of Portraits of Us is to capture those moments, to hold onto them and to share them. For we humans are more alike than we are unalike — and, when we are conscious of that fact, we discover our commonality, find love, and create peace.

At Portraits of Us, our vision is to build a library of the human experience. We’re taking our cameras and our tape recorders to places that many of us will never go, to bring back stories with the power to enliven us all.


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