On Creating Art

The past few days have truly been a few of the hardest. I've been channeling my energy and focus into making art. As long as I stay focused on something, that doesn't allow for much internal spinning, I don't break down in tears. Every day is a little easier than the last. Until I'm punched … Continue reading On Creating Art

On Breakups

There is this fountain of words inside of me. I reach my hand out to grasp them, only they slip through. Water beads down my wrist and the words are lost again. They get lost in the emotions which come in waves. I want to ask why but I don't really want to hear the … Continue reading On Breakups

On Art

Recently I've been refocusing my desire to take photos into editing photos I already have. I've been playing with a new program that has allowed me to create some really fun art. I wanted to share those pieces I was most proud of here.