10 Amazing Books

**Click here for audio** There is always some new trend on social media and lately, I've seen quite a few favorite book lists. Except that people draw it out one title at a time for a week and NEVER TELL YOU WHY. As a bibliophile, that's simply unacceptable on so many levels. First I don't … Continue reading 10 Amazing Books

KILLDEER WINDS (The Juniper Wars Book 2)

Psycho Princess Hiring:  Prom dress wielding gunslinger, has an opening for new freind. Must love the darker side of things, wearing fancy dresses, good aim preferable but is willing to train. NO MEN. Do I have your attention? Thought so. KILLDEER WINDS, book two of the Juniper Wars Saga.  First, let me say that DANDELION … Continue reading KILLDEER WINDS (The Juniper Wars Book 2)