After You

**** SPOILER ALERT - While I won’t spoil this book for you, it might spoil Before You a bit. I’ll try not to give too much away, but you’ve been warned ***** After You by Jojo Moyes When I finished reading Me Before You by Jojo Moyes, I was a bit surprised to see that … Continue reading After You

Ready Player One vs. Armada

It is a 19 hour drive from Las Vegas to my home on Whidbey Island Washington. This of course is failing to calculate time for gas, food, and endless bathroom breaks or when the car started to leak fluid. To say the least, we had some time to kill. However, as much as I would … Continue reading Ready Player One vs. Armada

Can I just screem excitedly here?!

Guess what this is???!!! This is an actual copy of the book Veterans Voices! "Today we received our actual printed book from NatGeo book--Veteran's Voices. It looks spectacular! All the hard work is present between the covers. April 26th is the date you can get yours. The book will be available globally--Canada, Australia, Europe and … Continue reading Can I just screem excitedly here?!