10 Amazing Books

**Click here for audio** There is always some new trend on social media and lately, I've seen quite a few favorite book lists. Except that people draw it out one title at a time for a week and NEVER TELL YOU WHY. As a bibliophile, that's simply unacceptable on so many levels. First I don't … Continue reading 10 Amazing Books

Playing a little catch up

Admittedly this month has come at me from a bad angle and caught me a bit off guard. There have been some personal matters to attend to and they really have sucked all of my energy and time over the last few weeks. On the bright side though I felt so inspired by Wil Wheaton's … Continue reading Playing a little catch up

Number 6: Facebook Stalking, I mean Fascinating People

So still trucking away on this 30 day writing challenge, albeit slightly behind. Today is an interesting topic, someone I find fascinating. The thing is, there are a number of people that fascinate me for a number of very different reasons. For example: Mary Bell, the 6 year old girl who murdered two boys in … Continue reading Number 6: Facebook Stalking, I mean Fascinating People