John Dies at the End


The only thing I knew about this book, going in was that it had been made into a movie that I’d been told to watch several times. I knew it was really weird, and that is basically it.

So I decided to download the audio book of John Dies at the End for two reasons. One, I’d just finished my last book, and two the narrator had received high praise for this reading. Finding a good narrator can be difficult at times, so I’m always up for someone who’s gifted. And to say that this narrator is gifted doesn’t begin to describe his ability to bring this book to life.

Now this book… I don’t want to spoil any of it. Becuase it’s like a roller coaster ride, that you get on but it’s terrified the shit out of you. You know where the chicken exists are, or you think you do. But once you start going, it just goes and goes and goes, and suddenly you’re elbows deep stuck with no way out, because not only did you fail to realize that rollercoaster was really a bus to insanity, but somehow you’re stuck on it and you can’t look away because you’re about to pass some sort of train wreck only you realize that you spoke to soon, it wasn’t a train wreck but a sea of butterflies. You’ve forgotten all the reasons you wanted to get on that roller coaster in the first place, forget the chicken exits, the only ending to this story is to follow it to the very last word, because you have to know how it ends. If it can or will end. You have to know what happens because, otherwise the world might implode on itself.nds. If it can or will end. You have to know what happens because, otherwise the world might implode on itself.

This book is insane, and wonderful, and many other things. This is one of those books where you just have to accept that you know nothing. Right now. Then get reading. Because it’s filled with awesome, and hilarity, and if you don’t, you’ll always wonder what if.

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