Questionable Content, Vol. 1

Image result for questionable content vo 1

One of my best friends from high school introduced me to Questionable Content back in 2003 or 2004. When it was new and not many people had heard of it. She has always been a bit hipster like that. In fact, most of the current, by the day’s standard, music I listened to was also her doing. I’d have stuck to 80s rock, musicals, and Frank Sinatra had she not gotten ahold of me. I still love each of those things, for the record, I just love a lot more now.

I was perusing some old photographs and I found one taken at ECCC in 2012. Verging on her being a ten-year fan, when the creator of QC was there I couldn’t pass the opportunity up. So I asked him to do a drawing for her and got to chat a little about his creation. She was over the moon and still has this picture today. But it got me thinking about reading it again. I was pleasantly surprised to find it’s still active. I was also a bit surprised to find, I didn’t remember it as well as I thought. It feels super fresh, which isn’t a bad thing really. Like getting to read a favorite book for the first time twice. I blew through the first volume in a day and am currently reading the second. It’s just as funny as I remember it being back in the day.

The strip centers around a few key characters who are all incredibly developed from page one. They are living relatively normal 20-something lives despite AI being a part of everyday life. I love the character arcs and look forward to seeing more growth. Ever expanding on the human condition.  

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