On Photography


Photography has always been a passion of mine. I’m not foolish enough to think I’m good enough to do anything with it, but I still really enjoy it. This year I made a commitment to myself to do a few things and one of them was taking more pictures. Finding those moments that make me smile. Life is all about the little moments. Little adventures every single day. So for my birthday, I bought myself a new Nikon Digital SLR and I’ve been at it every day since. I take it just about everywhere because I’ve learned, you never know when something will take your breath away.


What started as a promise to myself to enjoy the small moments more, has turned into really looking forward to every opportunity to take pictures. Anyone who chooses to hang out with me is fair game and often, a victim of my photography.

There is a definite pull toward a few things: sunsets and sunrises, people, birds, and anything that makes me go, wow. I wanted to share a few of those moments with you. A few moments that took my breath away and a few moments that made me smile. Maybe they’ll make you smile too. Life is in the little things, not in the drama or the “he said” “she said.” When you look back, life should be a compilation of all those small things that make your insides warm.

Here are a few of mine.


Flowers during low tide last week. Someone dropped them and they sat, a ray of red. Beautiful.


This is a Kite-Boarder who caught air and flew through the sky the other day. Truly one of the coolest moments. Froze my butt off getting some photos, but it was worth every moment.


I was out at Fort Casey, the buttercups were in Blume. The air was crisp, the water clear. I couldn’t imagine a more beautiful day.


Bird friend at the beach. My first amazing feather picture and I still smile every time I look at it.


This feels tattoo worthy. That is all.


Sunset at my house. In the northwest, we are really graced with a lovely pallet of color. Sometimes I think I could never live anywhere else because I’d miss this too much. Time will tell. 


Friend Victim number 502. Beach days.


Bird friend skirting across the water being an awesome little duck.


A near perfect sunset.


I secretly hoped the kite would fall, so that I could get a photo of it with the beach in the background. But then it fell fast and I missed it in the air. 40 seconds from this photo it’s back up and flying. 


Friend photo number 932.


The coolest dumpster I’ve ever met.


I took like forty of these photos and they each turned out like this. The sun blurring out in the background. I don’t know that I’ll ever get a sunset quite so unique again. Timing is everything. 


Vincent Cheese is my taxidermy raccoon. I saw him over the summer and knew I had to have him. I’m usually weirded out by taxidermy but he has never been weird to me. He’s soft and pliable and fun to take places. We generally freak people out. On this day, I had a guy walk as far away as possible from us. He sent dirty looks the whole time. I couldn’t help but laugh.


Lastly, a girl with a camera. I like her and this past year I’ve learned to love her. She’s pretty epic. Living the best version of herself she can. Letting the bullshit fly off her back. Living for the little things. Living in the moment. Looking forward to what the future holds.
















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