Updates On Life #124816

Where has July gone? 50714729-673E-4DDE-86A0-261C41A5AC2C

That was a legit question. I’ll wait for your answer…

Fine. Be that way.

I don’t know either. But I can say this, it’s been filled with beaches, friends, laughter, and really enjoying the little moments in life. Historically speaking, summer has been my second least favorite time of the year. It’s always been a close second to winter in weather fail. I’ve always preferred fall and spring, rain and cold weather clothes. But I’ve really been coming around to this warm weather thing. I mean, providing it can cool off enough at night. Why isn’t AC a thing in Washington? I’m just saying, global warming is real DSC_0328and maybe we should consider it.

I’m growing a bit more anxious every day I that passes without sorting out the move stuff. In case you missed it, I am moving. Right now, I’m looking at the Seattle area. I don’t know how I feel about all the people. Here’s the thing I have made peace with, what’s the worst that happens? I decide that I hate how busy it is? I decided that I simply can’t take all the people? Okay, so then I move. I can say I did it. No regrets. Life is too short to regret things that I never did. Sixteen-year-old Miranda would be dancing and doing a jig about Seattle. She always wanted to move there. It’s adult Miranda that get’s hung up.DSC_0205

I’m spoiled. Have you seen the private beaches I have access too? Have you seen how beautiful the places I’ve lived are? But here’s the other thing… how many pictures of sunset can I take? Okay, a lot of them haha. But I can admit, it might be time for some new material. It’s time to find the beauty in a city. After all, that’s all I really want to do. I want to find beauty in life. That and write. So, many things are beautiful and so quickly overlooked. I bet I can find a lot of really beautiful DSC_0097things in the city. On that topic, I’ve been a photo taking fool. I’ve landed some really wonderful moments.

I’m a lucky girl.

My days have been filled with job applications, an abundance of coffee, reading, and any small opportunity to capture beauty. My weekends have been spent making smiles, measuring my time in laughter and new memories. I haven’t traveled yet this summer, but I’m enjoying it all the same.


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