Saying Goodbye

My thoughts are jumbled these days Always going twenty ways I can't think straight And I don't sleep Just spend most of my time Looking for a little relief I do fine for most of every day Then you cross my mind It's like I'm falling off that cliff The whole time I don't have … Continue reading Saying Goodbye

On Creating Art

The past few days have truly been a few of the hardest. I've been channeling my energy and focus into making art. As long as I stay focused on something, that doesn't allow for much internal spinning, I don't break down in tears. Every day is a little easier than the last. Until I'm punched … Continue reading On Creating Art

On Art

Recently I've been refocusing my desire to take photos into editing photos I already have. I've been playing with a new program that has allowed me to create some really fun art. I wanted to share those pieces I was most proud of here.