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March 26, 2020

Hello Fellow Gilmore Girl Lovers!

I think I left you hanging a couple of years ago and I’d like to correct that wrong. I’m committing right now to finishing out my review of every single episode of Gilmore Girls. We left off on Season 5 Episode 10. This week you can expect the next episode detailed with screenshots and everything! With everything going on in the world, this feels like a good time to finish up all my lose projects.
I look forward to sharing more Gilmore love with all of you.

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July 28, 2016

The ‘Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life’ trailer is here — and it’s perfect

I’m sure we’ve all seen it by now, but I can’t help but post the new Gilmore Girls preview! Maybe we’ll make it through the last two seasons before the new episodes start!Cheers!


July 17, 2016

S5 E10 “But Not as Cute as a Pushkin”Luke has a dark day? The 30th??? I guess maybe he won’t be attending Ms. Patty’s 40th anniversary of show business. Lorelai decided to put this to the test. She asked Luke to attend the party, and while he says yes at first, he quickly changes his answer when he learns it’s on the 30th. Damn… Luke is in a mood. Openly attacking a little old lady who is giving him notice on his boat storage. After Loorelai takes him away back to Luke’s, he does open up to her though. Which I have to say is nice to see.

Lorelai, feeling bad about how the boat incident went, bought the boat from the old woman, and is hiding it away in her shed, in case Luke wants it later, when he’s less upset. The end of the dark day is near only Luke has spotted the boat… And let’s just say, pissed doesn’t begin to describe it.

Tail between his legs, Luke comes crawling back to Lorelai with an apology. They manage to kiss and make up. Luke even wanders to the boat to see it, something he hasn’t done in 15 years.

Headmaster Charleston is calling Rory? He’s calling Rory to ask if she’ll mentor Anna Fairchild for a few days. She’s a perspective Yale student from Chilton. Of all the Chilton alumni, they’re asking Rory to show off Yale, how exciting….

Rory is overly excited about Anna, buying her Yale gifts and the such. While Paris has of course warned Rory of Anna’s ability to take over the world. Be warned! While showing Anna around, Rory runs into Logan. Against her better judgment, Rory takes Anna to the local pub for cappuccinos. “Those boys are not interested in your friendship, unless friendship is tattooed to your butt.” – Rory.  In the middle of class, Logan and Colin fighting over Rory’s love. Enter Finn in a police suite demanding that Rory give the boys back their balls.

Butt-Face Miscreant?

While Rory was clearly mad about Logan’s antics, I can’t help but wonder… let’s face it, she likes the attention. Anna decided to take off when Logan and Rory were “talking” instead of going to the Fro-Yo she took off. Now Anna is gone, and Lorelai and Marty are looking for Anna. Poor Marty is still in love with Rory. In the middle of Marty explaining to Rory how Logan likes her, and to “quite being naive” the headmaster calls informing Rory that Anna was picked up by campus police. So much for that.

Best part, Rory gets back at Logan when Richard has a conversation with Logan, welcoming him to the family and congratulating him on his engagement to Rory. BEST SCENE EVER.

Doyle and Paris met up, by accident in a speed dating session. Ding! Ding! Ding!!! I Think we have a winner!!! It’s about damn time that Paris stops sleeping with people who could be her grandfather. I can’t help it, I think that Paris and Doyle make a perfect crazy match.


April 18, 2016

S5: E9 “Emily Says “Hello’” Things as Town Selectman aren’t going as well as Jackson had hoped. In some ways it makes me almost sympathize with Taylor… Almost. Sookie is pregnant with her and Jackson’s second baby. She’s in the middle of hormonal hell craving things like milk chocolate and bell peppers. Poor Jackson might actually be loosing his mind here. I hate to say it. The town gathers behind his back and Ms. Patty tricks him into going to the town meeting that he’s all but sworn off.

Sookie brings up the big C topic and suddenly Lorelai is aware that she’ hasn’t actually heard from Christopher since he called her in a panic after Sheri left. Could this mean he took Rory’s words to heart? So Lorelai makes a call to Chris and he seems to be uber awkward. I’m team look 100% and while I enjoy Chris’ character I don’t like when he shows up because it makes Lorelai really… what’s the right word, looky? She seems to always wonder what life would have been like with him. I get it, but I don’t have to like it. *Stepping off soap box* Lorelai and Chris are meeting up on Saturday. Uck. Rory walks in to the lunch with Chris and we could cut the tension with a knife. Rory tells Lorelai that she asked Chris to stay away.

TJ’s new house is… well it’s a mess. No hot water, leaky roof, etc. etc. Needless to say, suddenly Luke is helping them fix their not so new home.

Paris is fasting for Ramadan so that her articles have integrity. She’s making everyone’s life torture. Good ol’ Paris. When she finally breaks her fast, she orders everything off every menu. Side note, Marty is soooo into Rory. And she is sooo oblivious.

Rory is tired of Emily and Richard’s separation and has decided to divide and concur. She has decided that Lorelai and her will separate and only visit one grandparent per Friday until they decide to at least work together. Rory takes Richard the first day and unfortunately has no food to offer Rory. Unless Nutella and batteries sound good. Emily on the other hand wants to date.  She wants to date. In fact she calls Lorelai in a blind panic because she has a date, and doesn’t know what to wear. Simon McLane… Hmmm. Simon and Emily’s date seems to go strikingly well and when Emily gets home… She breaks down crying. I guess she’s not quite as ready to move on as she thought.

April 17, 2016

S5 E8 “The Party’s Over”
Richard and Emily are still fighting, and now their fighting over who gets to feed Lorelai and Rory. Although it really just leaves our girls eating five chicken breasts and a bottle of pickled herring. Rory slips up and tells Emily about Dean during dinner. I was really thinking nothing in the world would bring Emily and Richard back together, and suddenly Emily wants to “talk.” Could Dean be the de-wedger? Is de-wedger a word? Meh.

Richard and Emily are being suspiciously friendly inviting Rory to an alumni event. Why do I get the feeling that it’s not all nicy nice. Umm yea, so Yale Alumni event my ass! Ummm more like a fix Rory up with whatever Yaley they can night. Not another girl in the whole place! Luckily Logan and Fin are there coincidentally and save Rory from her grandparents.

TJ and Liz are still around Stars Hallow and considering buying one of their own. The beautiful thing about Liz is all of the funny little stories about Luke that she shares. Of course in true TJ and Liz fashion, they buy the first house they look at. During Luke and Lorelai’s special date night is interrupted by TJ.  He’s fighting with Liz and stays for the whole dinner. And when Liz comes over all hell breaks loose. Lorelai goes home.

New Lane cracks me up. I don’t remember her name but I’m sure you all know who she is. Mrs. Kim has said that french-fries are the gateway food to hell. If that is the case, I’m a driving the bus if anyone needs a ride. New Lane told Mrs. Kim about Zach and Lane and Mrs. Kim told Zach that he was going to rot in hell fire while hell hounds eat his face. Poor Zach is freaking out and also, Mrs. Kim –Bad ass mommy.

Okay, so we know that Rory and Dean are ‘together’ but also, we know that there are some serious sparks between Rory and Logan. I hate to say it, as much as I LOVE Dean, they seem to be living very different lives. She asks him if he read her article. It’s very clear from his none answer that he didn’t read it. Is it coincidence that Logan has read it? When Dean comes to pick up Rory, she walks out with ten of the boys from the party. Dean realizes that he is… I don’t want to say out of his depths but also yea. I love Dean but I want to see her move on with life. Then Dean breaks up with Rory. And I feel crushed right along with her.

By the end of the episode, Rory has managed to drink her sorrow away with the Yale boys. Part of me is glad to see her move on. Again let me stress how much I love Dean, but sometimes moving on is a good thing. Experiencing life is good. I’m glad to see Rory do it.

This was my favorite bit from this episode. It’s Lorelai and Rory’s conversation when Rory sneaks to make a phone call during the Yale party.

L: I told you

R: You told me what?

L: Whatever happened at that party, you got roped into tonight, I TOLD YOU.

R: Do you want to hear, or do you just want to gloat.

L: Well, I’m a multitasker.

R: So, I get here, and grandma immediately whisked me upstairs where her hairdresser and makeup artist are waiting to make a new me.

L: ‘cause the old you is so last season.

R: Then I come downstairs to find that the guests are all Yale friends of grandma and grandpa and their SONS.

L: What?

R: No girls – all boys and me.

L: You’re kidding.

R: Nope, I feel like I’m being auctioned off.

L: They suck. My parents suck.

R: This is a very silly picture.

L: They know you’re with dean, ‘cause by the way you told them.

R: It’s okay. I just thought you’d like to know.

L: Do you have pencil?

R: Why?

L: ‘Cause there are 12 ways out of that house. That they don’t know about. Write this down. First the basement – it’s a little dusty, but almost foolproof. If you can’t get there grab a screwdriver and jimmy the back of my mother’s closet. There’s a false back.

R: Mom…

L: And if they haven’t trimmed the trees yet, the second guest bathroom window opens out onto the massive elm and you can shimmy right down.

R: I’m not going to shimmy. I don’t need to sneak out. It’s fine. Dean is picking me up at 8:30. I can manage till then.

L: They played you, kid.

R: yeah, I know.

L: I hate that they did that.

R: Well, it’s done.

Side Note:

Who else is super excited about the reboot? I’m counting down the days (although, no date has been given quite yet) until we can finally know what happened to our girls. Rumorville says that Rory is a teacher, Luke and Lorelai are together, and Sookie is a no show? Ahhh!!!! I can’t wait.


February 16, 2016

S5E7 “You Jump, I Jump, Jack”Post number 100! Not episode 100, as I believe that I’ve posted a couple of other things as the months have passed. But needless to say we’ve covered a lot of Gilmore ground. I know that you’ve all heard by now that Netflix is doing a Gilmore Girl revival much like their Fuller House. We’ve just seen that all three of Rory’s important life changing boyfriends will be featured. I’m excited. I know you’re excited. Maybe we need a bit of a count down clock! *Squee!* Okay on to Episode 7!

Emily found out through a weird random occurrence of events via Kirk that Lorelai and Luke are in a serious relationship. Emily confronts Lorelai at Friday night dinner about and demands to meet Luke officially as Lorelai’s boyfriend. When Lorelai tells Luke about Emily wanting to meet him, Luke says let’s just do it. During the dinner, Emily uses her best condescending ways to bring Luke down without him even knowing it. Just when you think that things can’t be any worse, Luke agrees to go golfing with Richard, of course he can’t be one upped by his still estranged wife. Poor Luke is suckered into buying a set of golf clubs. By the end, Luke is ready to set up a dozen franchised Luke’s Restaurants with a spinning head.

Rory is staying on the Life and Death Brigade article with Doyle’s full support. On the Dean front, Rory and Mr. Tall and handsome can’t seem to get together. The long distance thing seems to not being doing so well. On the other side of things, Rory agrees to go on an outing with the LADB where they blindfold her and take her into the woods on a secret outing. Rory has walked into Alice and Wonderland and they don’t use the letter E!  The next day, Rory dresses to the nines for the great event. It’s the 109th assembly of the Life and Death Brigade! Logan convinces Rory to partake in their big stunt, jumping from 7 stories. Rory jumps and when Logan and her land safely, there is a moment between them, sparks are flying and we wonder if maybe he is the next big thing in her life. Pushing her boundaries, and making her question if she’s just stayed ‘safe’ her whole life.

After weeks of nothing Zach tells Lane that he’s ready. He’s ready to date Lane! Lane and Zach’s first date is so cute. A little weird due to the fact that they live together. They watch a movie and at the end, while Zach is carrying Brian to bed, they share a first kiss.

February 12, 2016

S5E6 “Norman Mailer, I’m Pregnant”Sometimes I wonder if Lorelai give’s look mini panic attacks. He’s so by-the-book about things and she’s so ‘let me cover my keys stuck in the door with a rag’. I guess that’s why opposites attract. I heart them.

Rory is worried that’s she’s behind at the paper, because she spent the summer gallivanting around Europe instead of taking on an internship. Guess who’s back at the paper? Logan Huntzburger! He’s there to impress his father but could really care less about the paper. Hmmm… Spoiled much? Meanwhile Rory’s now on Features but is having trouble writing something that hasn’t already been done.   But when Rory runs into a fellow student in the bathroom wearing a gorilla mask and a ball gown, then spouting ‘In Ominous Paratus’ Rory’s little brain starts to tick. A little google search tells me that In Ominous Paratus means Ready for all things in Latin. And the plot thickens. After digging a little Doyle tells her that the girl is apart of The Life and Death Brigade,. After some more research Rory learns that Logan is in fact one of the members of the Life and Death Brigade. He offers her a proposition, she’ll get the inside scoop if she agrees to conditions she knows nothing about yet.

Norman Mailer is visiting the Dragonfly and it’s pissing Sookie off. In fact everything seems to be pissing her off. But why? When their business adviser suggests that Lorelai and Sookie cut Lunch to save money Sookie about looses it.

Chris, yes that Chris, calls Lorelai in a panic because Gigi won’t sleep and she keeps escaping her crib. Lorelai runs to rescue him, which I don’t know how I feel about for the record. Chris tells Lor that Sheri took a job in Paris and left Gigi and Chris to figure it out. It’s occurred to Chris right about now that he hasn’t the foggiest about raising a daughter and he missed out on Rory, doesn’t seem to know Gigi at all. When Lorelai tells Rory about the Chris incident, Rory doesn’t take it well. Is she having the same thoughts as myself? Don’t fuck up things with Luke? Rory goes to Chris and tells him that she wants him to stay away from Lorelai. She tells him that Lorelai is happy and that he’ll just bugger things up.  Pretty harsh words but I’m inclined to agree with her.

November 8, 2015

S5E5 “We Got Us a Pippi Virgin”Jackson is in full Selectman swing and loathing every minute of it. In a way this is bringing about some sympathy for Taylor. I guess he has all the crazy to deal with. I think he even enjoys it a bit more then he should… Hmm… Does crazy beget crazy?

Richard has taken to lunching with Rory again, which is probably a good thing considering how weird and short Friday night “appetizers” have gotten. Richard and Emily’s separation seems to be bothering Rory a bit. Do I hear a ‘fix’ in the making?

Emily seems to be doing well on her own. She’s purchased a panic room because “I’m a woman living alone…. I don’t even know if your grandfather would look up from his stamp collection if he heard me scream.” After not finding the alcohol she wants, Emily goes snooping through Richard’s Pool House living quarters and finds a sparkly vest. Oh the drama!

Lorelai heeds Rory’s concerns and talks to Richard about it briefly. Hmmm… Maybe it worked in a small way? Richard meets with Emily and tells her about his barbershop quartet and she tells him about the panic room.

Lane is still struggling with her relationship with Zach. She decideds after he’s not acknowledged her comments in a few days she tells him that she takes it back.

I think it’s cute and also a very good representation of a healthy relationship when Lorelai and Luke sort of work through little oddities of their relationship. Such as whether or not to pay for coffee when Lorelai comes to Luke’s.

Lorelai and Rory are struggling with the ‘weird’ factor of Dean. They’ve decided to double date and turns out Luke was unaware that Rory and Dean were back together. Let’s say that Luke and Dean are weirded out by the whole thing. Go figure. They watch Pippi which Luke has never seen by the way. Luke by the way is too funny, he’s proceeded to take apart Pippi Longstocking asking things like “Why does everyone take her gold coins without ever questioning where she got them.”

Unfortunately Luke can’t get over the Dean thing. It’s sort of endearing in a way because it shows how much he cares about Rory. In a way he’s been a father figure in her life. He just doesn’t think that Dean is good enough. Luke gets shorter and shorter with Dean. “Not stopping till he’s upset every person that means something to him in one night.” I wonder if Rory and Dean feel the strain of trying to make their relationship like “the old days.”

November 5, 2015
S5E4: “Tippaecanoe and Taylor, Too” Awe Luke and Lorelai are too cute. “Just because I now have dating Luke doesn’t mean I want to loose my cooking Luke.” “But I am cooking and I am Luke…” adrobs. So can I just say again how happy the two of them make me? Also that Netflix is putting on a reunion of sorts? Oh man thrilled sitting here! Also I want to point how how pragmatic Luke is by packing up the food he made and taking it to Luke’s to give Lorelai there instead.

Paris is still moving through her grief and has moved an 18th century printing press into Rory and hers dorm room. Poor Rory is having trouble getting to class on time today. Oh and guess who shows up (after class of course)?! Dean… Oh dean… how I love thee. Paris manages to make everything overly personal in a matter of 2.3 seconds. The next time they hang out, Dean loans the car to Lindsey (the ex) and so Rory goes to his house instead… Which makes for some awkward tension, “The college student and the divorcee.” I will say that things between them seem really umm… well a little weird. Maybe part of it is the fact that they have no personal space, and that Dean has moved back in with his parents. It might be different had he never moved out but since it feels like he’s going backwards, the whole thing seems harder. I think that Dean agrees. “If Lindsey hadn’t found that letter… would you still have left her?” Let’s just say that Rory and I agree, his answer wasn’t as encouraging as we’d have liked.

“You always promise to hurt him and then you don’t… You’re a Taylor tease” says Michel to Lorelai.

Zach and Lane or maybe just Lane is showing a lot of tension right now. She is in deep like with him. The band has been hired to play Jackson’s rally but don’t like the song that he picked out. Oh man they knew how to rock this song major!! Eventually after the gig, Lane finds the courage to tell Zach how she feels. I think he’s a little on the stunned side.

Jackson and Sookie are so excited to have their hydroponic greenhouse. That is until Taylor brings up the fact that according to town codes Jackson built his greenhouse six inches too close to the edge of his property. Taylor is his usual pompous self and pisses Jackson off. Jackson decides to run against Taylor for Town Selectman. Lorelai and Sookie are in full Vote for Jackson swing. According to Kirks poll, Jackson has unanimously won! This is of course how it plays out and I hate to say it but Jackson has quickly learned he doesn’t even want it.


October 22, 2015
S5 E3 “Written in the Stars”So before I even start this review, did everyone hear the news about Netflix picking up three 90min episodes with all the primary cast coming back?! I am sooo excited about this new news! Also this is my official apology for being so slack at writing these reviews. I will get through them all though. Promise! If you want to learn about the various other projects I’ve undertook please check out my site

So Emily and Richard have officially split and Richard has moved out to the pool house. Eeek!!! Richard gets the girls Friday night for drinks and appetizers while Emily gets dinner. They would both rather fight then spend time with the girls it appears. Emily is convinced by the end of the episode that Richard is cheating on her. He is after all leaving the house at 7:30! 7:30!

Luke and Lorelai are so damn cute! I just want to say that first off. They are secretly/not so secretly dating. While not openly flirting, they still manage to be more adorable then word can describe. I think that the town gossip is maybe not up to Lorelai’s standards? It seems as though the fact that the town doesn’t seem to bat an eye at their relationship, actually bothers Lorelai.

Oh my god cuteness. Luke and Lorelai bumbling around to date. Luke takes Lorelai to his “Luke’s”, a dinner in another town. Luke tells the story of when Luke and Lorelai just met. He kept the horoscope for 8 years!!! Who does that?! Fate, I’m telling you fate! They sleep together, and the next morning Lorelai gets up to get coffee…downstairs. I guess the cats out of the bag.  Lorelai walks up to the gals with the town gossip and is now more surprised than ever that they’re not mentioning the fact that she walked out into Luke’s in only Luke’s shirt. At the town meeting Taylor brings up their relationship for discussion, “the possible ramifications of the inn owner and the diner owner co-mingling” The nerve!

It is the first week of school again at Yale. Rory is moving into her new dorm and much to her surprise Paris didn’t beat her there. Looks like Paris spent the entire summer with Asher, who also died. But lucky for Paris (and us), not during sex. Paris wants to host a wake… hmmm…

So we meet Logan who is both a snobby ass and supper charming as well as well spoken. But did I mention that he’s an ass? After a lively debate he leans in close, “Now tell me that wasn’t fun.”

During the wake, Marty asks Rory if she’s single, I think it’s pretty obvious that he likes her. Although Rory is clearly in the dark about it. She leaves the wake and goes to Dean’s house when it occurs to her she doesn’t actually know how to answer Marty’s question.

Some fun quotes through the episode…

“Those jeans are working for you. There working for me too.” – Luke

“You’re flirting with me!” – Lorelai

“I met Nicole Richie and then spent the next three weeks showering.” – Marty

“No this great man was not brought down by my vagina.” – Paris

“Sniffy was dead!” – Lorelai

September 16, 2015

S5E2 “A Messenger, Nothing More”It appears that the summer has passed and nearly come to an end. This opening was very efficient. Lorelai walking through town like she owns it. In fact the town is calling her “The Blur”

Luke is still on the renaissance circuit, apparently it has taken much longer for TJ and his sister to heal. Oh and what a pain in the ass TJ is being…. Hmmm I guess it’s no surprise when Luke leaves to head back to Stars Hallow finely! Sure did take all summer. Liz sent Luke home with some jewelry for Lorelai, awww…. He’s telling his sister about Lorelai.

Meanwhile, Rory and Emily have been touring Europe in style. Emily has been demanding the very best of service and tours. It’s also clear that Rory and Lorelai haven’t actually talked all summer.

On the upside, though it seems that things at the Dragonfly Inn are going really well. Although Lorelai is so uptight about Rory she’s biting everyone’s heads off. Sookie tells her to go home and on the way…. Rory calls. They make up over the phone after not talking for months. Rory asks Lorelai to deliver a letter to Dean… which although with reservation she does.

Side note, is Lane realizing that she’s got feelings for Zach?

Rory is home! And due to the lack of conversation between Lorelai and her before hand, the neither really knows what happened with the other. On the way to dinner at Luke’s the two are bombarded by Lindsey and her mother. Lindsey’s mother proceeds to rip Rory a new one and Lorelai intervenes telling Lindsey’s mom to back the hell off. Wow… not in town for 20 minutes before the drama starts. Apparently Lindsey found the letter inside of Dean’s jacket. Snoops much? Oy…

Luke is finely back in town!!! And Lorelai and him haven’t had a moment alone to umm… see if things between them are still sparks. She LOVEs the necklace. I get butterflies every time I watch them together, since season one. I’m so excited to see their development!

Luke and Lorelai secretly meet after Luke get’s back into town…

Lorelai: Oh you really did run an errand.

Luke: No, I just kept up the pretense so I went in the pharmacy and since I was in the pharmacy I had to buy something. I feel kind of dumb.

Lorelai: Yea… But you didn’t really have an errand right?

Luke: No it was just getting kind of crowded back there.

Lorelai: Yea…

Luke: Yea… So I brought you something.

Lorelai: Oh? (opens the pharmacy bag) My own smokes, ginchy.

Luke: (Holds up the necklace from Liz)

Lorelai: Oh, that’s beautiful.

Luke: Yea I think they’ll match the earrings that I got you before. If they don’t I’ll take them back.

Lorelai: (pulls back her hair to reveal that she’s in fact wearing said earrings right now) Definitely goes.

Luke: Oh look at that. Perfect match.

Lorelai: Perfect Match.

The couple leans in for a kiss and BOOM!!! Cider mill parade goes through town right at that moment preventing them from kissing.


Luke: So we’ll hook up later… maybe?

Lorelai: We’ll hook up later, definitely.

Luke: Good.

Lorelai: Good.


September 14, 2015

S5E1 “Say Goodbye to Daisy Miller”The end of the last season was EPIC!!! Between Rory and Dean having sex and Luke and Lorelai getting together, I can’t even breathe.

The season five opener has Rory and Dean in bed – Rory’s to be exact. We’ve gone back before the end-end of the last episode so we can watch how everything goes down. The two lovebirds (Although let’s not forget that Dean is married) are cuddling and singing the “Candy man can” song. And then Lorelai walks in… We watch the fight from Dean’s view… We see Rory pull away from Lorelai. Things are broken between them. A line crossed… How will they fix this?

Emily and Richard are still fighting. At the end of the last season, they left in a furry from the Dragonfly because they can’t seem to get along at all. Back at their home, Emily tells Richard she’s going to go to Europe and drink copious amounts of wine. When she gets stuck in the basement she climbs out the window without her skirt on! Only to be stopped before entering the house again by Richard and than by security… Oh how the mighty have fallen.

Sookie finds out that Luke and Lorelai kissed but Luke isn’t so sure that Lorelai wants the world to know. After she gets back from seeing Rory she doesn’t feel like talking anymore. I hope Luke doesn’t take it personally

Dean goes home to Lindey’s who’s answered his phone (when Rory called) and boy do they not get along… Bad relationship major. Dean looks like a jerk, she looks needy. Sometimes certain people bring out the worst in us. I see that with Lindsey and Dean.

Oh shit… Why is Lorelai giving Sookie that “I’m not sure I want to be with Luke look.”… Is she going to use Rory to get out of the Luke thing???!!!!  Lorelai and Rory are still fighting… as was made clear when Rory stormed out on Lorelai. Sookie points out to Lorelai that she should probably make sure that Luke doesn’t think she’s backing out… SO SHE CALLS!!!! And they are going to discus/date tonight! Oh yay!!!

Secret liaison to “talk” turns into more sex for Dean and Rory… Rory goes to Lane for advise. She’s not ready to admit that Lorelai might be right. She can’t even lower her pride to ask Lorelai about it, regardless of what Lane says. On her way to Lunch with Lorelai and Emily, Rory passes Lindsey in the meat shop buying roast beef for Dean because it’s his favorite… Maybe Dean never talked to Lindsey after all… At lunch Emily offers Rory again, to go to Europe for the summer. Rory accepts. Shocker to all at lunch. Lorelai wants her to go and clear her head, get her away from Dean (who’s eating a nice dinner with Lindsey). Rory goes to clear her head… Run away from Lorelai and Dean me thinks.

Lorelai takes Rory and Emily to the airport, goodbyes were short, without hugs… It was sad… really sad actually. When Lorelai gets back to the house there are five really endearing messages from Luke. She calls him and I’m so happy to say that at least at the end of a hard episode, the two of them are talking.

Messages from Luke to Lorelai:

Luke Message One: Hey it’s me. Listen, I got a call from my sister and TJ, there up in Maine and they got into a little accident. Nothing major, just each one of them broke an arm and a leg. They can’t run the renaissance fair for a couple of weeks so they asked me to come help them out. I unfortunately answered the phone so I’m on my way to Maine. I’ll be back in about a week. Okay, bye.

Luke Message Two: Hey it’s me, I’m not sure if were at the point in our relationship if you actually need to know that much about my whereabouts. So if were not, I’m sorry and I could have just said I’m going out of town and I’ll call you later. So I’m going out of town and I’ll call you later.

Luke Message Three: It’s me.. The idiot who leaves you three rambling messages on your machine. I just wanted to tell you I got a cell phone before I left. So you could call if you want. Only if you want. That’s it.

Luke Message Four: Yea, ummm number might be good. 860-2941986. Okay bye.

Luke Message Five: Don’t change your mind until I get back. Okay? Okay… Talk to you later.


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