Mirandom Reviews

So on top of being a dedicated writer on my upcoming novel (still to be named), I’m a regular blogger. Maybe you found this page from one of my blogs and if so than, this jig goes out to you!

I have a page that started as a class project several months ago, where I review and recap an episode a day of the television show Gilmore Girls. I’ve continued this (while I’ve missed a day here and there, the posts are still fairly regular) into Stars Hallow. Today was season 4 episode 10, Jess is back in town and the drama! Oh the drama!!

My other blog, that I’m slightly more excited about (I know, I can’t help it) is called Mirandom Reviews. This is where I post about various films I’ve seen and books I’ve read. My current Goodreads challenge is 50 books this year. Today I’m at 25 and I’ve reviewed everything that wasn’t mandatory for classwork on this blog. I remember a time when I’d read a book a day, oh those were the good ol’ days. Now it’s closer to a book a week, but I’m not complaining, not really.

Mirandom Reviews gives me an outlet to talk about the books I’ve read with strangers who also (mostly) appreciate them. It’s lead to some wonderful opportunities to network with other authors as well.

Today I finished working on a big fight scene chapter in my novel and I’ve worked out the next steps, laying the foundation for the rest of the book. Oh the excitement is killing me!



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