True Love Will Find You In The End

I was chatting with a friend this evening and somehow I came across a video that someone recorded at a Daniel Johnston concert, I was really surprised, as I hadn’t realized he was still preforming. Which goes to show you how much I pay attention sometimes. Either way, this news was very exciting and it made me think many year ago when I first heard his music.

I remember the day I was introduced to Johnston. At first, I was a little skeptical, this is a man who doesn’t have the best voice or lyrics and he doesn’t play guitar that well. He will never be compared to Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, or for that matter even someone like Sam Smith or some other current relatable talent. Take whatever preconceived notions you have and set them aside. Okay? Done? Now pull up a video of this man. Watch this sensitive soul who’s been kicked to the curb by reality, emotionally damaged even… He’s the embodiment of those sayings about men and women who poor their heart and soul into their art, and with every note you connect with him. You connect with his inner beauty, his honesty, we are able to see into this mans soul and feel his pain, his love, and his truth. Forever am I thankful to the person who sent me a YouTube link of this man singing one dark and lonely night; I found comfort in his art all those years ago.

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