Phone Thiefs & Fair Food

I went to the local fair over the weekend with my niece and nephew. For the most part everyone, with the exception of myself, had a great time. We saw all of the animals twice, got into a sticker war, and ate copious amounts of fair food.

The fair food is where my downfall started. Unfortunately I got really sick from my lunch choice. I don’t think it was anyone’s fault except my own as my meal contained something I was allergic too. At this point, the score was Fair 1:0 Miranda. A long story short, I lost my phone after leaving it in the bathroom, walking away in a post stomach cramping haze. When I realized it wasn’t on my person I went back to a very empty bathroom. In ten minutes time someone nabbed my new iPhone 6 turned it off and pocketed it. The fair management tried to convince me that it would turn up but alas, it’s been three days and still no phone.

The biggest disappointment is lays in the five months of unbacked up photos. My niece and nephew are one point five and three years respectfully. So much happens in a short span and I’m utterly crushed that I’ll never see those photos or videos again. The fact that the phone wasn’t paid off and didn’t have insurance (which we all know means I’m out hundreds of dollars) isn’t even the biggest issue. It’s just money. I don’t need a phone to survive and although I can’t exactly afford it right now, money will always come and go. Right now, it’s just on the way out.  Eventually it will come back.

I guess I don’t understand how someone can just take another person’s possessions without a conscious thought about the person the item belongs too. This line of thought has only expanded to doing others harm in a verity of ways. I can humanize nearly all actions, I’m a writer, it’s what I do. But it still sucks extra hard when it happens to me.

I woke up today to my glasses broken in half as well. I’m not sure what happened. So I’m doing the blind thing for awhile as well. I’d post a picture for you but you can read the former paragraphs to know that wont happen for a while.

On the positive side, I’m now convinced that all my bad luck has passed and it’s only uphill from here. I’m nearly done with my edits and Faerwald will be getting to my beta readers in the next couple of weeks. I’m really trying to stay positive about everything.

Happy Monday

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