Just a Few Observations

I’m going onto day four without a smart phone (or a phone of any kind really) and I’ve made a few observations.

  1. I only have one CD in my car and it’s Buffy the Vampire the Musical episode. There has been a lot of James Marsters singing Rest in Peace and Amber Benson’s I’m Under Your spell. Since I only ever listen to books on tape in my car, none of my radio stations are programed. I’ve decided to embrace the CD for now. Maybe I’ll dig around until I find my copy of Doctor Horrible’s Sing Along Blog and really enter the Whedonverse.
  2. I spent far too much time on my phone looking at Facebook. I rarely let myself open FB on my computer, primarily due to the boggyness that happens to my computer when it’s open. I’ve grown super accustomed to looking at it on my phone countless times in a day. I check my email, then fb, followed by one more glance at email before going back to work. Now I have to use the boggy fb page on my computer and actually log into each email address. Which means, I’m not spending nearly the same amount of energy. I won’t lie, it’s been kind of nice. Almost freeing.
  3. I can remember the day we got internet at my house. I was 16 years old and super excited about finely having a properly working home computer. When it was my turn to log in I waited through the dialing and then loud siren like noises before I was ‘online’. When the web page finely opened up it was on the msn home page. I checked my email with a weird sense of hope that someone might have sent me a letter (although no one even knew I had an email account yet). When I was done looking at the empty page I can remember sitting at the browser for a long minute. What did people do on the internet? What was the purpose? After another minute racking my brain trying to find a reason to use the world wide web (which in my mind at the time looked like a large spiderweb covering the world), I logged out. I grabbed my car keys and took off to my friends house where I knew hanging out in the company of other people would be entertaining. In a lot of ways I’m still that sixteen year old girl. If there isn’t something to read about online then I get board, still not knowing what to look up as entertainment. My tastes have expanded a bit, I enjoy a number of websites now but when I’m done I’d rather log off and read a book. Without a phone, I finish my work a little quicker, then log off. Crazy concept.
  4. I have time to read books. It’s amazing how much bullshit I manage to nickle and dime my day away with on my phone. I’ve finished another book, the review of which I’m tackling next.
  5. What ever happened to iPods?? I’m talking about the large 128gb iPods? They don’t exist anymore and I’m a little peeved about it. I never did take the opportunity to buy one when I had the chance, and now they simply aren’t made anymore. Sure I could buy a little 5gb or 10gb mini iPod but what’s the point in that? I have more then 20gb of audio books alone, that’s not even touching on any music, I might in the off chance, I’d want to listen to. The one thing that my phone provided me with was the ability to listen to any of the audio books I wanted. I miss that probably the most.

I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to get another phone or not. I mean, I’ll get one eventually but will I invest in the same one or something simpler? Who knows. What I do know is that disconnecting has been a blessing disguised as a pain in the ass.


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