Meet Luke and Leia

I have no experience with children, but how hard could it be? I’ve learned in the last two months that children are little assholes. I’ve been working on a new column talking about the things most parents won’t admit to themselves let alone other people. Children are little assholes. Sure they’re cute and they have their adorable moments, but we all know that somewhere deep inside you also kind of hate them.

It’s a humor site about the ups and downs of raising two toddlers. Check it out today at

“Emmmmm!!!!!!” Screams Leia at the top of her lungs. God forbid she walks out of the hall and into the dinning room to ask for help, no. She stands and screams my name while looking up at her jacket six inches too high for her to reach. I have no doubt that this is “normal” for children. They are the center of their own world after all and probably don’t think much of anyone one else’s eardrums.

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