News In The (my) Book World

October 7, 2015

index the-kingkiller-chronicles
By Miranda Boyer

The big hot news in the (and by the I mean my) writing world has circled around Patrick Rothfuss and Stephanie Meyer. I know, who knew right?!

Pat’s popular (and might I add mesmerizing) fantasy series The Kingkiller Chronicles (which I’ve blogged about in the past) is an epic tale told in the ‘present’ as well as in a flashback largely through the eyes of young Kvothe. It is easy to fall in love with the world Pat’s created where characters are true to themselves and “magic” is around every unsuspecting corner.

On Pat’s blog he recently said that he’s “never been that interested in a straight-up movie deal. Pretty much every fantasy movie created so far has been an action movie, or plot centered, or both. And my books aren’t like that. My books are about the characters. They are about secrets and mysteries and the hidden turnings of the world.” After much deliberation LionsGate came at Pat with a deal unlike any other. And he agreed!!!!!! They will be making Movies, TV, Video Games and so much more! Why tackle just one platform when they could tackle all of them?!

I’m sure I was not alone in my excitement when this came to light. The story needs so much more room to breathe and grow then just any tale.  I can’t imagine that even a three part movie deal for the first book would suffice.

In other interesting book news, Stephanie Meyer released her 10th anniversary addition of Twilight yesterday. I want to take a moment to say congrats to Ms. Myer because, that’s amazing! When her publisher asked her to write a forward to her book she’s been quoted saying “how boring” it was. One of the big complaints I’ve heard over the years about the Twilight books is that Bella was a damsel in distress. Stephanie argued from day one that no, she was ‘a human in distress’ surrounded by essentially supernatural beings all the time.

To drill this point into the ground, Stephanie re-wrote Twilight into a gender-bender. So as well as the original book, Twilight includes a copy of Life and Death, the same story only told through Beau’s eyes about his vampire girlfriend Edythe.

Honestly, I’m really excited for Stephanie! Fight those preconceived notions and stand your ground girl! I’m looking forward to reading the new Life and Death as well as following all of the latest with regards to The King Killer Chronicles.

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