Faerwald 2

This morning while punch drunk I had an epiphany for the second book in my trilogy. Of course I’m working on something very different right now, that aside I think I have the entire next book finally worked out. This time travel story blew my mind this morning and I can only hope to do it justice on paper later.

On the Faerwald/1968 front things are moving slowly. I always knew that the writing world moved slowly but I guess I didn’t anticipate it feeling like a snail’s pace. I’m considering editing options right now, including letting someone edit the book properly. I can only do so much, especially when I’ve read the book a thousand times. It could help come April when I attend the Las Vegas Writers Convention. Which I’m so looking forward too. Connecting with other writers, getting the opportunity to learn from my peers, and of course the mini vacation that is well overdue.

In a perfect world I would finish MoNa (my current project) sometime in the next month and shift into the editing process. Which I both love and hate to no end. Shifting from one to the other is sometimes a bit of a struggle as I’m sure some of you know all too well. Any advice on the editing front? I’ve had  lots of good feedback as far as the story goes and I feel really good about where it sits. I think I need a grammar Nazi to do a pass and then go from there.

Okay well back to work. Just wanted to leave an update and share the good news about book two!



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