Can I just screem excitedly here?!

Guess what this is???!!! This is an actual copy of the book Veterans Voices!

“Today we received our actual printed book from NatGeo book–Veteran’s Voices. It looks spectacular! All the hard work is present between the covers. April 26th is the date you can get yours. The book will be available globally–Canada, Australia, Europe and throughout select areas in Asia. In all, it will be available in 160 countries and heavenly marketed in countries that have an appetite for English military books. We are EXCITED!”


I am an uncontrollable amount of happy about this picture! I am counting down the days and hours until I get to hold my own copy. I am tears welling up proud of this book and the people involved. I feel so incredibly lucky to be apart of this project. I hope that you will all pre-order your copy today. Check out the Link to order your copy of Veterans Voices Today!



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