Fuller House

I’ve read a lot of negative reviews with regards to the reboot Fuller House. I don’t know about you, but every day after school I would come home, throw my backpack down and turn on channel 12. To be fair it was the only channel we got. BUT, it had Full House, Saved By The Bell, and an array of other wonderful (and often trashy) 90s TV. I watched it every single day. In more ways then I ever imagined this show hits close to home today then it ever did as a child. I simply love it.

So lets recap a little since they went off TV, now that 29 years have passed and everyone has grown up. The first episode was all about reintroducing the gang.

DJ’s husband was a fire fighter who passed away on the job, leaving DJ with their three sons. Stephanie (aka DJ Tanner) is a DJ, and traveling goddess. Danny and Rebeca are hosting a morning show in LA, I don’t remember what Jesse is doing… but the twins are in collage. Joey is in Las Vegas doing 10 shows a week. Steve is a divorced podiatrist and still every bit in love with DJ. Kimmy is also divorced, (or will be soonish?) a party planner and has a daughter of her own.

Everyone is moving on and DJ is staying in San Fran with her babes. When the gang over hears her crying upstairs with Tommy, her youngest, on the baby monitor EVERYONE offers to stay and help. Family. Stephanie tells them no, that it’s her turn to step up and Kimmy offers her help too. By the end of the episode, I had happy tears of nostalgia and love.

There were a couple of great moments, such as when Stephanie asked where Michelle was and Danny says, “She’s in New York too busy with her fashion empire, but she says hi.” Every cast member stairs into the screen for a long moment giving the live audience and myself a good laugh.  Or when DJ’s middle child says, “I already know the bad words, dumb, booger, and Donald Trump.”

The thing is, yes it might be a bit unrealistic, but the show pokes fun at that. Everyone went on to do big things and honestly we want nothing less from them. Sure it’s probably a bit unlikely but who cares?! I don’t, I love that at the end of the day everyone did well for themselves. There is something so American about dreaming big. Television shows like Full House taught morels, talked about real family issues, and at the end of it all, they were there for each other. Basically, say what you want, I loved it.


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