It’s Here!!!!!

I logged in to find that I’ve been failing terribly at writing anything lately. I guess it’s been about 25 days because guess what came out yesterday?! Veteran’s Voices!


Presently as I write this we’re an Amazon number 1 best seller! I’m over the moon right now! I’m writing to you all from Sam’s Town Hotel in Las Vegas which is bitter sweet. I haven’t actually got to hold or look at a single copy because I left before mine came in the mail yesterday. Ah well, such is life sometimes.

On the plus side, I am in sin city for a couple of weeks for the Las Vegas Writer’s Convention which starts tomorrow. I’m here to learn everything I can, meet some amazing people and try my hand at pitching Faerwald to a few agents. Wish me luck! Someday my name won’t just be on the inside of a book, it will be on the outside too.

I’ve also *shame face* read a couple of books that I’ve not written a single word about. I never told y’all about how epic ECCC was this year either. I hate to say it, but things have been a little hectic. Alas, I will have a few days to work on this page before the National Bowling Tournament starts and I will do my darnedest to get caught up!

Wish me luck tomorrow, I’m a little nervous.

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