While in Las Vegas on a writers retreat of sorts, there were a few things I wanted to do. Among the items at the top of my list, was visiting the Titanic Exhibit at the Luxor.


I’ve been here a week now and finally, finally the time has come! There are a few pieces of history that hold as much mystery and fascination to me today, as they did when I first learned of them 20 or 25 years ago. Among this list includes the Titanic.


I believe I was twelve years old during the height of my Titanic obsession. It had been boiling for a few years and then the 1997 movie came out and I couldn’t contain it any longer. Suddenly there was a story to add to the one I’d made up in my head. attractions_titanic_gallery6.jpg

Today I stood in front of a “large piece” of the RMS Titanic. All the awe and sorrow that has built over my life time, culminated in this moment. Looking on at a piece of history I can’t help but feel small.


I was delightfully impressed with the exhibit as a whole. From the very beginning it is more than an exhibit, it’s an experience. It starts with the passengers. Each guest is given a name and boarding pass. At the end of the exhibit you can check the long list of passengers and learn if you’ve been saved or if you perished from hypothermia on that cold April night.


You’re then taken through 3rd class, 2nd class, and 1st class rooms.


Eventually it’s icebergs ahead. Three warnings and they did nothing. It breaks my heart every time. Titanic_Landing-carousel_680x350_3.jpg

The temperature drops, there is a bit of disorientation, it gets colder in the room and you start to let yourself believe that you’re aboard the Titanic. The exhibit had a mini iceberg that you could touch and feel how truly cold it was. The next room is a miniature replica of the deck of the ship. It’s dark, cold, and stars light up the night sky. The sound of waves crashing against the boat can be heard as you walk along the deck.


I am still in complete shock and awe when I think about it. Needless to say, as I write this, I’m watching Kate and Leo on the hotel television. Have any of you heard of the Titanic 2? While the sail date was originally supposed to be 2016, I believe it is now a hard date in 2018. If given the opportunity to sale on the Titanic would you? For as long as I can remember my answer has been yes, providing death was off the table. I suppose my chance might be just around the corner.


***Photos courtesy of those professionals they let in with a camera. Lucky for us they exist online, as it was disappointing to read that we were not aloud to take pictures.***

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