Work For Free?

I saw this on Twitter today and felt the need to share it:


It’s a beautiful response to an advertisement, by an artist, to a company looking for someone to volunteer their time and skills. At the end of the day, I don’t know a single artist, writer, creator of any kind who can work for free. We all have bills to pay, bellies to fill, and roofs to keep.

I’ve noted quite a few rumblings of this in the last year, thank you media.  I feel a sense of ease whenever I read or hear something about unpaid work. I’m reminded with every article, that it’s okay to feel a bit perturbed when someone asks me to volunteer hours of my life, so they can pay bills, while I gain “experience” working.

I would just like to keep the ball rolling and do my part. If it makes even one person feel better about standing up for what they deserve, I’ll be happy. Pay your creatives, give them proper credit for the work they’ve done, keep your promises. It’s all any of us asks for.

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