For those of you who follow, I started this book a couple of months ago. Generally speaking I’m a much quicker reader and often this when I struggle it is due to disinterest or distraction of some other shinny new book. In this case, it was the later. Let’s face it, everyone knows that anything by Stephen King is quite the undertaking. This was no exception.

It might have taken me longer to get through, but it did not take away from what I consider one of his best pieces of work. I have this weird fascination with history and people and in a lot of ways, 11.22.63 fulfills all of my book loving dreams.

George…err… Jake (because who doesn’t want a secret Identity?) is an English teacher who finds himself in an interesting position, a doorway to the past has landed in his lap. If you could change history for the better, would you? With some persuasion, Jake goes back in time to stop the Kennedy Assassination. In theory, if he’s able to prevent it from happening, by killing Oswald, the entire world would be a different place. But will it be a better place or will the butterfly effect wreck havoc and destroy  Earth as we know it?…

Filled with a generous heaping of 1960s history and a side of time travel, King sent me back in time with Jake to an America of long ago.

Like many of you out there, I picked up a copy of this book when it first came out. It sat on my shelf for a long while, and when the television show came out I was hooked.


One episode in and I knew that I had to read the book. By episode three I was buying the audio version to go along with it and by episode 6 I’d nearly made it half way through the audio book. Right along with the mini series I had to know what was going to happen. What was different? Was it better or worse then the other? I couldn’t even decide until I finished both.

For a shortened ride, high highs, low lows, go with the television show. For the full effects of a mind bending tale that will warp your mind and have you craving more, read the book. Of course read the book. Like there was any other options.



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