Sleeping Giants

At the 2016 Emerald City Comicon, I met Sylvain Neuvel. He was so quiet and shy, and cradled in his hands was a copy of Sleeping Giants. I heard about a large number of books that were coming out, or had already come out via the con. I was given an even larger number of books to take home and read. But this was the only one that I was truly excited about. Sylvain even gave me a copy of his new book.

I had to wait to read it of course, because book rules dictate that no one reads my autographed and special release books. I’m one of those crazy book people who put them up on their own shelve and they stay in the most pristine condition ever. Someday I’d like to have a glass cabinet in which to display them all… oh dreamland, you’re the best.

Last week I downloaded a copy of Sleeping Giants from audible. It’s read by a full cast of people. The book is written through a number of case studies, journals, logs, etc. as it follows a few specific characters. 20 years have passed since a giant glowing hand was found in the earth, cradling a child. Now a secret government agency is uncovering all the missing parts of what appears to be a  sleeping giant. Is it alien? Will it cause havoc or peace? Who is the nameless man pulling the strings?

I am still reeling from this book and I finished it yesterday. The ending has me seeing stars and I saw nothing coming. NOTHING. I’m usually quite good at predicting how a book will progress and the ultimate ending, however Sleeping Giants kept me at the edge of my proverbial seat until the very last page. The log entries helped keep up the suspense and had me clawing for the next time I’d hear from a specific character. I don’t even want to tell you more about the book, because it’s that good. I don’t want to spoil any of it for those who might pick it up. It’s rare for a book to come along and keep the suspense up for so long. I bow to you Sylvain.

When I reached about an hour from the end, I had to find out if there was more. Was this it? Could he wrap up such a large, cultivated, interact story so quickly? Nope… of course not. This is book one of three. Ahhh… ding ding ding, it all makes so much sense. There was no way this could be it. Simply put, I need more.

Like a lot more.

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