Some of the hardest lessons I’ve had to learn in this life revolve around trust. Why is that? Maybe it’s not even about trust, maybe it’s more about not trusting myself enough. Failing to listen to my gut when it’s waving the red flag. I feel like a cynical asshole some days, who has a disturbingly lack of faith in humanity.

And then I laugh.

I laugh because I don’t want to cry,

Or because I’ve cried too much.

I laugh because life is short,

And there are bigger problems outside of my little world.

I laugh because it feels good,

To momentarily unburden myself with life’s woes.

I laugh so that I don’t grow cold,

And hate.

I laugh because in a small way it eases the pain.

If life is what we make it,

Then I want to make mine a bit more light hearted.

So then in the bad moments,

When laughing takes too much energy,

The view isn’t so dark that I forget what it feels like.

How easy it is,

How hard it can be,

To let it all go and laugh.


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