Alejandro, Alejandro, Ale-ale-jandro


Anyone who knows me well, can testify that I am endlessly amused by the little things in life. I was working on a query for THE 5 6 RULES TO SURVIVING AN ALIEN ATTACK ON MY SIX YEAR OLD SELF (new title is pretty amazing right?!) When I got a text message. “Alejandro” was all it read. Of course my brain goes to Lady Ga Ga (Yep, I hope it’s stuck in your head too, as I can’t get it out of mine now).

Well the photo above ensued, as well as two short calls, and a little more messaging. With any luck, this good sport will be reading my blog soon enough. I know what you’re thinking, grabbing new readers any chance you can eh? Yes. Yes I do. Besides, he messaged me first.

So speaking of, how are those queries going you ask? Well they are coming along grand I say. I had two more partial requests this week. We’re crossing fingers over here at camp writes-a-lot. I’d be curious to take a survey of writers who use music to write with. I wrote The 6 Rules primarily with non-lyrical music. Anything from classical, to Pop via Piano Guys or Vitamin String Quartet, Latin specifically good Salsa, Dubstep like Skrillex. Crazy right? Well with MoNa I feel like I suddenly crave lyrical music. It’s the oddest experience. Anyone else out there find themselves stuck in musical limbo?

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