This is for Hillary

Deep down I’ve known for a while now that we won, but it wasn’t until I watched this video that it really hit home. We really did it. Hillary won! For the first time in history, a woman has broken through the glass ceiling.

I’ve felt so alone through this political race, even concerned about voicing my support for Hillary out of a preference to not being attacked by (I hate to say it) friends because of my stance. It’s a such an odd thought, you’d think I was supporting Mr. Spray Tan. This political race has brought out the nastiest parts of people I hoped never bare witness to. Drumph aside (that’s a whole other topic), I’m sadly disappointed in the democrat vs. democrat tear down I watch every day. It is sicking and I’ve really tried not to play into it. In fact I find myself shying from social media because it’s all over my feeds. And it doesn’t seem to matter how much I try to explain this, there are some thick heads out there who don’t get it. We should be uniting as a party right now instead of tearing one another apart. Hard concept I know.

All of this aside for a moment…

For the first time in my life I truly feel like as a woman, I can do anything, be anyone I want to be. There are now no limitations. In 1996 when former President Bill Clinton was running for re-election, the topic came up in school. I was 11. One of my teachers said to a boy class if he strives hard enough, even he could be president some day. A girl in my class asked, what about me? I want to be president. Immediately several of the boys and girls in class “corrected” her and told her that girls can’t be president, that was a boy’s job. But she could be First Lady. My teacher at the time, looked at her and made eye contact with me and several others. We wanted to know if they were right, can girls be president? But he’d already hesitated in his answer, “Ummm… Yea, sure. Ummm… You can be anything you want to be.” From a young age we were taught that the best we could do was be second rate to a man. Shoot for your dreams, as long as your dreams don’t involve any sort of mans work.

I have one of the most amazing moms. She has been an inspiration to me every single day of my life. It wasn’t a bunch of coddling, instead  I was raised to suck it up, to fight back against anyone who said I’d fail or that I couldn’t do something, especially if it was because I was a girl. I can give you a hundred stories of being stepped on or pushed over and every time she put her foot down forcing me to stand up for myself, or she would. She is bad ass and I have mad respect for this woman who takes the world by storm. My mom reminds me of Hillary Clinton.

I’ve wondered since I was 11 years old if a woman could ever really be president. Will I ever see the day when women are equal to men? Will my children? Maybe my children’s children? When? How many years do I have to wait?

No more waiting.

This can never be taken from me. From us. We made an explosion. This is our take back our life song, our prove we were right song. Our fight song. I don’t really care if anyone else believes. Because I got a lot of fight left in me. America take a good hard look, because women are equal now. And there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.




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