Not That Kind Of Girl


A truly good title will draw you in all by it self. I was at the local library when I saw this book for the first time. Not That Kind Of Girl by Lena Dunham. I picked it up based on title alone. Little did I realize it was a book of essays. Beautiful. The last book of essays I read was years and years ago, so I was looking forward to this one.

I was roughly half way through the book when I started to watch the television show Girls on a whim. A handful of episodes into the first season and it occurred to me that what I was watching was all a bit too familiar. Why? OMG. It hit me, I was reading a book by the creator of the show. Duh. What a lovely surprise, I had no idea. Thank you Lena Dunham.

If you look at my good reads account then you’ll see that I’ve been reading this book for months. In most cases, this is a bad thing, however with this book, it was a process of savoring it. From the very beginning Lena had me laughing out loud. There wasn’t a single essay that I didn’t gobble down quickly.

Lena Dunham is a talented, creative, writer. This book was smart, vulnerable, bold, and in your face. Let me sum it up this way. After two weeks with the library book, I ordered a copy of my own. Lena is an inspiration to both women and creatives alike. I love how unapologetically brazen she is. This was hands down one of the best books I’ve read all year. When the topic of non-fiction, essays, or people I admire come up, this is one of my go to topics.

Now go out and grab a copy for yourself please. Because Lean is so That Kind of Girl.

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