Per (my sometimes depressing) usual, I’m about three weeks late getting to the theatre to see the new Ghostbusters movie. One of my best friends has seen it 5 times already and after every time he messages me, “Just saw it again!” and then proceeds to brag endlessly about all the wonderful things I’m missing. So going into this movie I was already starting with some pretty high expectations.

So I went alone, this girl ain’t afraid to date night alone, yes I know it’s Thursday stop you’re judging. I’m fairly confident that I laughed more than anyone else in the theatre. Like, I laughed so much, tears were running down my cheeks. If it would have played a second time, I’d have just stayed and watched it again. Made a whole night of it. There was not a single moment when watching it, where I cringed because of  body shaming, or where a woman was cut off because clearly, a man knows better.  I don’t want to sound like some man-hating, crazy person because I’m not. But what I am, is someone who believes in equal rights and equal opportunities for both men and women.  What I LOVED about this film, was how wonderful it treated women. They were smart and sexy, they kicked ass, needed no one to save them but themselves, and you know what? They saved New York all on their own to boot. There was not some love story (hopeless romantic here, I enjoy those too but it wasn’t needed here), or where at any point, did our MCs need men in their lives to make it perfect. They were perfect all on their own.

What I was sad to hear about, was all of the shity trolls online. They were/are making life for the extremely talented Leslie Jones more difficult than it should be. Why? The only thing I can seem to reason out is that it must have something to do with  how intimidating it must feel to have successful women making up an all-female cast of a cult classic. Hell, it could just be because she is a woman. We’ve seen that least I remind you of gamergate.  Lesli Jones wasn’t the only one, of course, there was

Lesli Jones wasn’t the only talented one, of course, there was Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, and Kate McKinnon. Can I just take a moment to say how hot Holtzmann was? Wowzer! It’s some combination of her high intelligence mixed with a healthy dose of ass kicking. I have a thing for intelligent geeky men, and Vin Diesel. I think it’s the fast cars… I love a fast car…Will someone tell me when the new Fast and the Furious movie is coming out?…


Okay April 17th, 2007… I’m going to set my timer now. Only… scratch that, that would be a depressingly long wait.

Sometimes I suck… I was making a point about…

What was I saying? Something about intelligent women, hot women, hot men… I digress so easily. There is something very empowering about films like this. Ghostbusters,

There is something very empowering about films like this. Ghostbusters, Star Wars, Hunger Games, Divergent, Harry PotterStar Trek Beyond just to name a few films with kick-ass women (read the books where applicable folks because, duh). Thank my lucky stars, there will be a whole new generation of girls with some amazing role models.


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