Many many years ago, there was this little store called Brenthaven, located in a nearby town. We’d heard from someone that this little store made the most epic of bags. “They last a lifetime” we’d been told. So we went looking. I was 14 years old and decided right then and there I had to have one of their backpacks. It would be just the thing to shoot me to the top of the cool kid’s list. Of course, even with the bag, that never happened. But I saved my pennies, mowed lawns and scraped up the $150 or $200 to buy one of their bags. I’m pretty sure I swindled my mother into paying for part of it. Simply put, I’d do anything for this bag.

Well near two decades later, I own several of the bags, and even my Mini iPad cover is Brenthaven. I was pulling out my old backpack, from back in the day, and found that it was a bit more warn than I remembered it being. The last time I’d used it was at least 2 years ago, so I couldn’t fault myself too much. The mesh pocket is warn through, now showing a gaping hole, one of the straps, was fraying. To say that I’ve gotten good use out of this bag, is a bit of an understatment.

I’m sort of a bag/purse collector. If you think my book obsession is bad… okay well my book obsession is bad and my bag collection can’t hold a candle, but let’s just say that it’s the second thing I have a lot of.  It’s always nice to have a good bag, or a purse to match whatever jeans and t-shirt I’m sporting. Some people obsess over shoes, well my feet are too big for that, so I have bags.

I was pursuing their website for a new bag, and if there was one thing I remember about Brenthaven, it’s they offer a lifetime warranty. My mom has had straps replaced over the years, and while my bag is looking a bit used, I figured it couldn’t hurt to see. This was their reply to my pictures and email about my old bag.


Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 3.41.45 PM.png

Can you believe that?! They have a customer for life in me! I am screaming it from the top of the world, everyone who’s listening, Brenthaven freaking rocks, and stands by their product decades later!

That’s basically it. I just felt so compelled to tell anyone who would listen about this amazing company. The way I see it, they have stood by their product 1000% when I can think of many other companies who don’t even come close. Like the mesh bags I ordered two months ago, that never even arrived. Don’t get me started on that company…. But this one, this one makes me smile. Check them out, it’s back to school soon and you won’t be sorry with this one-time investment.



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