KILLDEER WINDS (The Juniper Wars Book 2)


Psycho Princess Hiring:  Prom dress wielding gunslinger, has an opening for new freind. Must love the darker side of things, wearing fancy dresses, good aim preferable but is willing to train. NO MEN.

Do I have your attention? Thought so.

KILLDEER WINDS, book two of the Juniper Wars Saga.  First, let me say that DANDELION IRON was a new level of epic in a way I wasn’t expecting. Not to say that I haven’t been impressed with Aaron Michael Ritchey’s  books before, because if you don’t believe me, then check out my other reviews (p.s. there awesome). This new epic series though, wow. It throws a punch where you least expect it to and just when you think it’s over, guess what: it’s not.

Killdeer Winds picks right up where Dandelion Iron ended, leaving no questions about the fate of our main characters. If you haven’t read Dandelion Iron, stop and do that. I’ll wait…

Okay? Done? How about now?

At the end of Dandelion Iron, we all wanted to know what was up with Micaiah. Why was he on the cover of the magazine, who is the Psycho Princess,  will Cavatica Weller and her sisters make it out of the Juniper alive? So many questions and the quest continues. As I’ve mentioned in other reviews, as a general rule book 2 usually sucks. But Ritchey destroyed all of my expectations, making me second guess my theory. This book never stopped, and continued to push the bounds of not only my expectations, but my mind. I was glad to see continued growth in the characters, especially the three  Weller sisters. Had that been stunted or lost amongst the fray I would have been disappointed. Ritchey holds true to the story and doesn’t let the reader down.

All I can say is Aaron Ritchey, will you please hurry up and publish book three already?! Crazy fact: I don’t like westerns, Firefly and the Juniper Wars are the only exceptions to my rule. It’s way more than that though. It’s a futuristic time trap, with gunslingers, blimps, crazy technology, and Psyco Princess(es). Waiting for the next book is the worst part. Until then, I’m going to scour Ritchey’s blog for short stories in the Juniper.




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