The Hunt For Vulcan

Image result for the hunt for vulcan

If I’m being 100% honest, I bought this thinking it would be a book about Star Trek and Einstein. I thought, two of my favorite things!! How can I go wrong?!… Ha! I am laughing at myself right now, because I didn’t really read the back cover, and I didn’t realize I would be so wrong. But, at least I can say I wasn’t disappointed.

THE HUNT FOR VULCAN was stimulating, well written, and filled with more information about the discovery of our solar system than I’d anticipated. It wasn’t dry, instead told with a knowing voice that sustained through the whole book.  Not what I was expecting in the least, but it wasn’t half bad. A quick read, only a couple hundred pages. What I knew about our solar system has grown two fold.

Now… the next book I’ve started, is back to a good bit of fiction. Oh, how I’m hardly able to stop reading long enough to write this! Bring on THE UNITED STATES OF JAPAN!

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