Fuzzy Nation


I’m a sucker for a good Narrator and a book  sale. I came to own a copy of John Scalzi’s FUZZY NATION because Wil Wheaton reads it and it was on sale. I figure you can’t go wrong, and let’s just say I love when I’m right!

My favorite part about this quick read was that every time I thought it was being predictable, it wasn’t. Several times, I’d roll my eyes and think I knew exactly what was going to happen. Every time I was wrong. So I guess I love when I’m wrong too. FUZZY NATION was a based on a story by H. Beam Piper’s Little Fuzzy. While I never read the original story I’m now inclined to seek it out. Scalzi’s book has this old school sci-fi feel without the over description that tends to make me shy from them. I enjoyed the courtroom drama aspects. In all honesty, any book that makes me choke up, laugh out loud, and cringe gets a pass. So many feels in this book. I have to give prompts to Wil Wheaton who did an incredible job breathing life into this book. I never doubted his abilities.



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