This was a book I picked up on sale with Audible. Years ago I bought it but never got around to reading it. It was about time I listened to it and boy was I glad I did! Survivor by Chuck Palahnicuk’s dry humor is dark, twisted, and I couldn’t put it down. I wasn’t expecting to be quite so blown away by this book, but none the less it left me buying a new Palahniuk book. I’d read Fight Club ages ago and wasn’t left as satisfied as my friends. But Survivor was a breath of fresh dark humored air.

The book opens with Tender Branson, the last surviving member of the Creedish Death Cult, dictating his life story into Flight 2039’s black box recorder. He tells us this plane will crash in the Australian outback, but not before he has the chance to tell us his whole story starting with chapter 43. From the beginning to the very last page, I was on edge dying to know what would happen next. Where would this book take me?

If you don’t mind a dark plot, social commentary on fame, the media, and those who are spotlight drawn, then this book might just be for you. If you don’t like those things but you enjoy something that will keep you guessing, I’d recommend reading it anyway.

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