Talking as Fast as I Can: From Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls, and Everything in Between


I can remember the first time I watched a preview for Gilmore Girls. I was the same age as one of the main characters, Rory Gilmore. I fell in love from the first episode and have since watched it several times. I even started a blog as a class assignment a few years ago called where I started to review one episode per day as a commitment to writing. Something I’d like to make a living at some day.

Fast forward to Lauren Graham’s book, TALKING AS FAST AS I CAN. DUH! I had to read it and I was not disappointed. Lauren covers everything from her start in Hollywood, her first novel, Gilmore girls, Parenthood, and what it was like to go back to Gilmore Girls again.  As a fan of both Lauren and her shows, I don’t think that there was a way to be disappointed in this book. So maybe that makes me a bit bias. I can own it.

TALKING AS FAST AS I CAN, was quick-witted, humorous, and it felt honest. Lauren has admitted she likes to keep her private life, well… private. So this book wasn’t overly personal or filled with the nitty gritty details that sometimes we crave about people we admire. But it was fun, it was light, and it did give me a better sense of who she is. In a lot of ways, Lauren Graham is the embodiment of Lorelai Gilmore and it shines through in this book.

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