Reviewed by Miranda Boyer

Reading Matilda has been on my “to-read” list for years. Ever since Mara Wilson embodied the intelligent, magical little girl in 1996, I knew I wanted to read her origin story. 51g02ZHEDkL._SX200_QL80_.jpegListening to Kate Winslet bring to life this array of characters was sheer delight. Kate embodies each character whole heartedly. I even wondered for a moment if someone else was doing a few of the voices, but no. It’s all her. And it’s all wonderful!

What I didn’t expect was to both enjoy Kate Winslet’s narration and enjoy the story too. I was delighted to find that unlike many other children’s books, this did not feel limited to enjoyment by children alone. Matilda is well written, to begin with, and will be enjoyable for many generations to come. Not limited to those under the age of 10.

If you enjoyed the movie, Mara Wilson, or Roald Dahl, I highly recommend Kate Winslet’s reading.





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