Where to start, where to start… I was really initially intrigued by this concept. A girl who was in a life threating accident loses her family and gains the ability to read minds. That snip sold me and I bought the audio of this book. The narrator does a lovely job, and she’s the only reason I continued to listen. But honestly, I listened at double time because I just wanted to be done reading it. I struggled with how ‘perfect’ the love interest was all the time. I struggled with

I struggled with how ‘perfect’ the love interest was all the time. I struggled with how mean the main character was to her dead sister’s ghost. And overall, I think I struggled with how immature the main character is. In the beginning, I can understand how angry and distrustful she is, but by the end of the book I expected there to be a character arc but it lacked one. There didn’t seem to be the growth I kept hoping for.

The other thing that really bothered me about this book was the over reminding. There seemed to be a distinct lack of faith the reader would remember Ever could read minds, her sister was a ghost, and that nobody else knew these pieces of information. Every time there was a well-written section or a part that had a bit of intrege, I’d think damn, she’s figuring it out… oh never mind…. because inevitably the author would make sure to remind the reader again, why something was the way it was, without trusting the reader enough. I found it extremely annoying.

I don’t think I’ll be continuing this series.

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