Everything Everything


This book has been on my wish list since it was first released, but somehow it never made it into my shopping cart. But then I saw the paperback released on my birthday and I bought it. Best decision ever. This is my first Nicola Yoon book.

EVERYTHING EVERYTHING was not everything, everything, but it was pretty damn close. A story about first love, coming of age, and deciding what in life is worth living for. It’s contemporary, it’s romantic, it’s a wonderful right up to nearly the end. I won’t spoil it, but I found myself swooning right up until the gripping game changer. I think part of me was disappointed with it, and part of me saw it coming.

Maddy and Olly are neighbors. We get to experience their blossoming romance through text messages, notes, and eventually their inevitable physical contact. This is unique as Maddie is sick and contact with people and the outside world is strictly forbidden. I did enjoy the beautiful way this book is laid out, with sprinklings of book reviews, Maddy’s own definitions, text messages and wonderful illustrations.

I’m glad I read this, take my money. I’m looking forward to the movie.


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