Mrs. Kennedy and Me


I don’t know that I have adequate words to describe how beautiful and painful this book was to read. There are no pros. Instead, it is an honest account of what happened during the Kennedy administration. The book is written by Clint Hill, a former secret service officer who was placed on Mrs. Kennedy’s detail. What follows is an extraordinary tale of love, loss, and history. I can’t help but feel like Mr. Hill wrote this book as a sort of love letter to Ms. Kennedy. Maybe I’m wrong in this assessment. But maybe I’m not. It’s personal, touching, and it’s clear he loved her deeply.

I’ve always been fascinated with history and the Kennedy’s are no exception to this rule. This private glimpse into the lives of such a historic presence in our history was, for me timely, but also a treat.  From President-Elect Kennedy to the assassination, each moment was handled with grace. I cried when the book ended. I wasn’t ready to let this one go so quickly.

Sometimes there isn’t more to say then simply: Read This Book.



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