The Hate U Give

71VfOKSGUjL.jpegI don’t normally leave the book covers so large on this blog. But this blook was so good, all I want anyone to do is see this cover and buy this book. Angie Thomas has done an incredible job capturing life in this book. I can’t even…. Stop what you’re doing. Go to the store. Go to Amazon, go to Barnes and Noble, go to go anywhere and buy this book. Most of my readers know it’s a rare day when I’m pushing a book so much that I give you links to buy it.

This is a brilliant, gut-wrenching, heart-bursting novel. Angie Thomas will be remembered for having written a classic of our times. This book is about the need to speak out against injustice in our lives, communities, the world. I feel like this book has opened my eyes, shattered my heart, and yet still warmed me inside. Fiction can be transformational, and THE HATE U GIVE is the best example of it, for me, to date. I couldn’t put this down and ugly cried through at least 40 minutes of it.

Like many books, I chose to listen to this one on Audible. The narrator  Bahni Turpin had very specific praise when I was reading up on the book before buying it.  So much that I had to listen to this book instead of buying a hard copy. I wouldn’t have changed that for a moment.  Each character was so specific to them, I could tell them apart based on her voice alone. She is a gifted story actress and I will be buying more of her work.

So to summarize…. Just buy this book and let it swallow you into its dark abyss.  Let it rip out your heart and sew you back together again. Let it paralyze you and make you ugly cry. Let it open your eyes and heart. Let this book into your lives where it belongs.

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