Charlie and The Chocolate Factory 

I Miranda Boyer have never read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Well, I hadn’t until yesterday anyway. The thing is, unlike everyone around me, I was never a fan of the movie. Either of them. It just didn’t tickle my funny bone or make me dreamy. Roald Dahl’s book however, that’s another story. 

From the beginning it has that same Dahl voice I’ve come to love. It’s vibrent, it’s  engaging, it’s endearing and full of magic.  I love that a common them in Dahl’s books, involves some grown ups being bad and rightfully punished for their actions. No this case children as well. There are always strong good and bad themes. If you are good, good things happen to you. If you’re bad, bad things happen to you. 

I can officially check off Charlie pt. 1 and Matilda  from my Dahl collection. I’d like to make my way through them all this year. Wish me luck! 

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