We cured everything, cancer, common cold, and well…. we caused the Zombie Apocalypse. Twenty years after the rising life has moved on. Not to say it’s any better, but it’s continued. The landscape of America has drastically changed from politics to lawn parties. It’s a different America then the one we were raised in. Georgia and Shaun Mason are on following a story so big, it might explain why the rising happened and who’s prevented a cure. When the dead begin to uprise, so did the art of news. Hollywood was no longer the center of attention and large news sources couldn’t be trusted to be honest. When the dead started to rise, so did the likes of young bloggers who had a sense of what journalism needed, a healthy dose of integrity.

When Mira Grant (aka Seanan McGuire) wrote FEED, I don’t know think she knew how politically poignant it would be a few short years later. Or maybe she did. Admittedly, Grant is pretty bad ass. In the truest of Grant/McGuire fashion, there is incredible world building and realness to her novels. Feed has clearly been researched and then when you think it’s been researched enough, it’s researched some more.

While at times, info-dumping occurs, (Always intelligent and they feel necessary to the story) and I would have been more surprised if the antagonist of the story had been a different character, I still enjoyed this book an insane amount. There are zombies, political undercurrents (something I normally don’t care for but it’s written so well I can’t help but love it), and unique relationships which aren’t common. I was griped from page one to page six-hundred-and-one.

I haven’t had much luck on book twos lately, so I’ll hold off for now on reading it. Not because it won’t be great, but because I want to enjoy this feeling some more before I chance loosing it. Mark my words, I will read book two and I am excited at the prospect of greatness.


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