Extreem Makeover


Dan Well’s told me EXTREME MAKEOVER was his darkest book yet. Well duh, if that’s the case, I had to buy it. He’s right, it’s dark but not in the way I expected. Knowing what I know about his John Carver series, I thought it was going to be bloodier, twistier, or just plain cruel. But it wasn’t. Well, that’s not entirely true either, it was dark and twisty, just not in the way I expected it to be.

The satirical new suspense about a health and beauty company that accidentally develops a hand lotion that can overwrite your DNA.

Lyle Fontanelle is the chief scientist for NewYew, a health and beauty company experimenting with a new, anti-aging hand lotion. As more and more anomalies crop up in testing, Lyle realizes that the lotion’s formula has somehow gone horribly wrong. It is actively overwriting the DNA of anyone who uses it, turning them into physical clones of someone else. Lyle wants to destroy the formula, but NewYew thinks it might be the greatest beauty product ever designed–and the world’s governments think it’s the greatest weapon.

New York Times bestselling author Dan Wells brings us a gripping corporate satire about a health and beauty company that could destroy the world.

The more I read, the more I tried to guess where it was going and when I was wrong, *boom* my head exploded. Dude… Wells takes this book to a new level. It makes me look at cosmetics diffrently. Oh, I had a dream! I just remembered I had a dream after reading part of this book earlier this week. Someone squirted lotion into my eye and it started to eat away at my eyeball, then the side of my face.

Yep, this one is worth reading. Well done Mr. Wells, well done.

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