I have finally caved to the third book in Lauren Oliver’s series, REQUIEM.  It only took me a few months. I’ve been playing catch up on my reading and I stumbled across it in the TBR pile. I loved book one. Like, couldn’t put it down and moved right into book two. Only the majority of book two was a bit of let down. It fell to the curse of the second book. Well, all but the last page. That last page has been burned into the back of my brain for months. So REQUIEM make a comeback?

The resounding answer is YES. I fell feet over face for this third book. It was quickly paced, brought a whole new layer to the story telling, and ended in a way that sent chills running down my arms.

Book three was told through both Lena and Hana’s POV until their stories collide in a truly unexpected way. The over-arching themes from book one to book three are impressive. To see each character in the book grow, change, and morph into fully rounded people with life experiences was exactly what I hoped for.

So if like me, you were a little meh after book two, don’t give up. Don’t loose hope, press on and tear those walls. Tear them down and delve into book three. You won’t be remiss.

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