Anna and the French Kiss


It has been a long time since I spent the whole day reading. Just me, a good book, and the occasional cup of coffee. Today I spent the day in Paris and today I fell in love. From beginning to end, I fell and climbed with Anna’s emotional level. I spent 9 months in Paris with her at boarding school, her friends are my friends and as the book sits next to me right now, I miss them. I missed them when I took a break to make breakfast this morning and again at lunchtime. I missed them so much, I had to keep reading and find out what happens next. If we made up or if we were still fighting. Would Anna and Etienne ever figure things out? Would Mer be upset if they did? What about Rashia and Josh?

The beautiful thing about this book, something I don’t find works for me often, is the city felt like another character. Paris was an active part of the story. It had just as much stake in my fictional happiness as any of the characters. Stephanie Perkins managed to spend whole weeks in a solitary paragraph and it didn’t feel rushed. Nothing felt too overdone or not done enough. I appreciated the themes and the very real emotional heartaches of life and living. I didn’t buy this book expecting to be blown away by it. I bought it because I write YA and I want to keep up with what other people love in my field. I’m pleasantly surprised by this book and I’ve already ordered the next two books. They should be here Tuesday!

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