February Book Club

This month’s book club title was SIZE MATTERS NOT by Warwick Davis. Our back up book was SERIOUSLY…I’M KIDDING by Ellen DeGeneres. I really had the highest of hopes for these books. Like I was excited. So excited and so let down.

Many of you know Warwick Davis from Harry Potter as Professor Flitwick and Griphook, or from Willow (my personal childhood favorite), he also played Wicket in Star Wars IV and several rolls in each of the subsequent Star Wars films. I don’t think I know anyone who hasn’t heard of Warwick Davis, even if you don’t remember his name right away. His book, SIZE MATTERS NOT, is an extremely detailed book about his start all the way through 2009 (publication). Sigh… This is where the book went wrong. The thing is, I love Warwick Davis. I wanted to love this book. But I didn’t.

The biggest problem it seemed to have was not knowing when to cut. There was so much going on all the time and the writing simply wasn’t that good. I really struggled with this book. Like struggled. And I don’t struggle. I loved most of the larger scale stories but the thing is, most of them weren’t told very well. It’s hard to describe. It’s also probably why entire library system only had one copy of this book and we had a hard time shuffling it between members who didn’t buy it outright. I wanted to love this book.

Our back up, Ellen’s book, wasn’t much better but for the exact opposite reasons. Ellen’s book I went into expecting it to be well written because she’s written things before. Because she’s a stand up comic. I know she can write. Unfortunately, this book, which I expected to be filled with stories of her time with Disney, American Idol, her show, or even Cover Girl, was one big long stand up act. It seemed to give false hope at in the beginning about these things and it never panned out. I wanted even a single, heartfelt story from her and it was all jokes. The thing is, I don’t want to read her stand up, I’d rather watch her perform it.

Unfortunately, this month’s books were one big giant let down.

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