Never Have I Ever

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I was watching a memorizing video of various people throwing pottery this morning. I started to think about how fun it looks and then I realized the only time I’ve ever done it, I was like eight years old and in an art class. I don’t even remember it honestly. I Image result for throwing clayremember painting the little vase I made, but also, I might not have ever even made it myself. Some teacher likely did most of the creating and I just took credit for it.

How weird is that? There’s this thing that I’ve always wanted to do but have never found the time or just gotten around to trying. The more I thought about this idea, the more obsessive my mind gets. What else haven’t I done that I’ve always talked about doing? What haven’t I tried because of a lack of effort? It’s not like it would be impossible to find someone who could teach me how to throw a pot, or even just rent the workspace and figure it out on my own.

The more I start to think about all the things I’ve never done, the more longing there is in the pit of my stomach. Sometimes I think longing is the most quintessential human thing someone can feel.

So here’s my short Never Have I Ever List  I worked on this morning. Things that don’t take traveling the world to do. Things I could accomplish with minimal funds and maximum memories. Fodder for my brain and soul.

  1. Throw a pot – As I said above. I don’t even know if that’s what it’s called. I feel like I heard that once upon a time. I’m probably talking out my ass.
  2. Make fresh pasta – I’ve eaten it before and it’s amazing. I’m allergic Image result for make fresh pastato wheat though, which makes this harder. But I’d still love to make it one day.
  3. Narrate an audiobook – I’ve been adding narrations to my blog posts. In a lot of ways, narrations are a form of art. I love audiobooks and I love the idea of narrating one someday.
  4. Kiss in the rain – I always thought this sounded romantic. I love the rain, and yet somehow I’ve never had the opportunity to do this.
  5. Learn to tie a bowline – It feels like one of those survival Image result for bowlinethings everyone should know how to do. A bowline is like the one knot right? Like the – if you’re only going to learn one knot it better be the bowline… At least I think is…
  6. Start a fire without matches – Never have I ever. I’m so dependent on matches or a lighter for fire, I’d be screwed if I needed to do this someday. I’d like to learn so I can say I have. And then you know, promptly go back to matches.
  7. Look through a proper telescope – I’ve seen small ones, but I’m talking a like a real one. I want to see the stars and the moon. Image result for telescopeI want to do it with my own two eyes and rely not upon the internet to show me.
  8. Send a message in a bottle – I’ve always loved the idea of this. Maybe I love the idea of finding one. And I believe you get back from the universe what you put into it. So I’d like to think that sending a bottle with a beautiful encouraging message… or something about being eaten by zombies (maybe both) would be fun.
  9. Watch a Broadway musical live – I’ve seen a few musicals and plays but mostly I rely on movie magic to bring me musicals. There is something about watching a play Image result for hamilton posterlive which is never quite captured on film. Broadway feels like the epitome of this.
  10. Watch Cirque du Soleil – I’ve been to places where their shows are, quite often actually, but I’ve never been. I hear it’s wonderful and every single time I’m all, I should do that. But I never do.
  11. Lay in a field a Sunflowers – First of all, I love sunflowers. They are one of my favorite flowers. I’ve never seen a field of them in my life. I don’t even know if that’s a thing. I just think it would be amazing to walk amongst them. Maybe make a little nest. Read a book and drink a glass of wine. I think it sounds like the perfect afternoon.
  12. Make Prickly Pear Jam – LOVE this stuff so much. I’ve never had it outside of Arizona. I can’t even begin to Image result for prickly pear jellyimagine where to find the cactus but I’d love to try making the Jam. I sort of really enjoy making jams and applesauce. It feels super accomplished to watch the jars stack up. Plus they make great gifts. Yes… Prickly Pear Jam would be fun.
  13. Ride a Train – In my 33 years, never have I ever. I’ve looked into amtracks that go across country. I love the idea of trains but I’ve never ever been on one. Not even a little one.
  14. Attend a Masquerade – Masquerade, paper faces on parade. Image result for MasqueradeIn a town nearby they throw one every year. It’s a full costume formal wear. I think about going and yet I’ve never committed.
  15. Have a past life regression session – I often think about what this might be like. I do believe in past lives so this seems like a natural step someday.Image result for past life regression
  16. Geocache – Weird right? I feel like everyone I know has done this and I barely understand the concept. Is it even still a thing? Maybe I just like the idea of time capsules and this sort of reminds me of that.
  17. Make wine – I’m obsessed with the idea of this. I love wine both reds and whites. I’ve made cider and gin in the past but never made what I really wanted to make (wine!). I once house sat for a woman who made wine. Like she had something close to twenty vats of homemade wine. Someday, I will be passing out wine and prickly pear jelly for the holidays. Just sayin’.
  18. Attend the Opera – I don’t even feel like this needs an explanation.Image result for opera
  19. Smoke a Cuban cigar – I’ll admit it, I’m a sucker for a good cigar. I don’t smoke them often. The last one was two and a half years ago when my best friend wanted to say he accomplished a New Years Resolution. So on New Year’s Eve, we lit up a couple of cigars, and on New Years Day, he said, “I quit!” and hasn’t smoked since. He’s oddly proud of that accomplishment. But I would smoke a Cuban in a heartbeat. I’ve always wanted too. I keep saying when I sign with an agent someday, I’m going to find me a Cuban.
  20. Participate in GISH – If you don’t know what GISH is, I encourage you to click the link. I love the concept of this, both theRelated image good it does and the fun to be had. With a few friends who are willing, GISH feels like it’s a memory-making megabank.

I’m going to do my damnedest to work through some of the things on this list. Becuase life is short and I want to always be open to making new memories. What’s on your Never Have I Ever list?

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